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A complete LIFESTYLE Guide

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Brooke is so excited to bring you her online STRIVE program!

This is NOT your average online training or nutrition program. It is a complete LIFESTYLE guide encompassing everything from movement and training, mindset and goals to nutrition (and everything in between). Every workout and recipe has been designed, tried, tested and re-tested by Brooke. 

Brooke has poured so much of her energy, passion and knowledge into this little 80+ page gem, working on every single page and detail of the program which will be accessible to you instantly from anywhere in the world, for under $20 per week!

The STRIVE program was written and tested by Brooke herself in hopes that it will challenge you, be enjoyable, help you become fitter, stronger (both in mind and body), more confident and for it to be a sustainable way to live a healthy, active balanced lifestyle! This program contributes to Brooke’s mission, which is to inspire others to see that healthy, active living need not be a hindrance but a habit and to promote the connection of self-love through a nourished lifestyle.


  • Get your hands on over 85 pages of expert knowledge, tips, support and motivation!

  • Connect with other STRIVE-rs and get loads love and support from our online STRIVE community.

  • Challenge the way you think and what goes on between your ears by recognising your self talk, use of the Self-Check tool and regular tips to change the way you speak to yourself both whilst training and in every day situations.

  • Say goodbye to extreme diets and labels and hello to a balanced, nourishing healthy eating guide and meal plan.

  • Change up your training and step out of your comfort zone with over 24+ varied, fun training sessions (3 per week with an optional 4th + bonus buddy sessions!).

  • Get access to over 30+ healthy, easy and delicious recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

  • Change the way you think about food forever with powerful education and mindset tips.

  • Learn to love yourself as you become fitter and stronger in both mind and body.

  • No longer view exercise and healthy eating as a chore or a hindrance. (I promise you it will become fun, achievable and enjoyable!).

  • Above all, learn that healthy, active living is achievable and enjoyable. A lifestyle to live forever!



This 6-week plan will completely transform your health and wellbeing, with fitness, nutrition and mindset tips everyone can implement in their day-to-day lives. The Six Week STRIVE Health & Lifestyle Program includes:


  • Choice of GYM or HOME program.

  • Gym program – is not your standard gym program, think functional fitness, varied movements, something different every session – no two sessions will ever be the same.

  • Home program – great for those short on time or who may be new to working out/returning to exercise. Again always varied movements and sessions to challenge you from the comfort of your home.

  • 6 weeks of training incorporating 3 different workouts per week, plus an additional and optional fourth session if you’re up to it. That’s over 24 workouts in total.

  • Bonus buddy workouts to do with your best friend, partner or training buddy.

  • Fitness checks and tracking to follow your progress both mentally and physically.

  • Workout breakdowns so you understand and are confident on how each workout should be performed.

  • Tracker template to easily check and track your progress.


  • Both STANDARD and VEGETARIAN programs available.

  • Nutrition breakdown, overview and guidelines

  • Nutritional tips and tricks

  • Healthy, practical and achievable meal guide with 26+ different meals to choose from to assist you in your progress and to help make more nourishing choices.


  • Over 30+ family friendly, healthy recipes to nourish your mind, body and soul.

  • Easy, variety and nourishment


  • Identify if you are operating in a fixed or growth mindset, recognize your inner dialogue and learn to practice positive self-talk.

  • Goal setting tips and motivation to keep yourself accountable.

  • Downloaded Balance Check Self-Check card with positive affirmation and self-check tool.


  • Understanding the role and importance of this element.

  • Tips and practical ways to improve your sleep.


  • Access to the Online STRIVE community. Brooke’s mission is to empower women everywhere to achieve a healthy, active, balanced lifestyle.

  • This community is where you can be surrounded by likeminded individuals, access support and much more throughout your STRIVE journey!




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Who wrote the content?

Everything you read in this eBook has been created by Brooke herself. All recipes and workouts have been designed, tried, tested and in some cases re-tested to ensure they are the perfect fit for the program. Brooke has over nine years experience in the health and fitness industry, is a qualified nutritionist, personal trainer and exercise scientist, coach, presenter and writer.

Which program is best for me? Home or Gym?

The GYM program will suit those who have more experience in training and have been doing so for a while, whilst the HOME program is perfect for the Advanced right through to the very beginner. The HOME program training sessions are shorter in duration so can be perfect for the busy Mum or those short on time and range from 20-40 minutes. The GYM program session durations range from 30-45 minutes. All times are inclusive of warmup.

Please note that the STRIVE Program does not currently include demonstration videos/glossary.

What equipment will I need if I select the GYM program?

The gym program does not use your typical 'gym' equipment, but more functional items. Most good gyms have the required equipment but there are also substitutes listed in the program, and if not be sure to utilise our Online STRIVE Community to find a suitable alternative.

  • Barbell and weights

  • Squat racks

  • Kettlebell

  • Medicine ball

  • Sled

  • Rower and/or assault bike

  • Rig / pull up bar

  • Deadball or sand bags

  • Dumbbells

What equipment will I need if I select the HOME program?

The home program is super simple in terms of equipment required. You don't need lots of fancy gear to get in effective training sessions! The program does utilise the following though, all of which can be purchased from Kmart or Target at affordable prices:

  • Set of moderate weights

  • Fitball

  • Resistance band

 What can I expect in the training sessions?

The Six Week STRIVE program is designed to challenge you and make you step outside your comfort zone with something different EVERY session (with over 22 workouts plus 3 bonus ones to do with your best buddy!). The sessions are of a high intensity interval training (HIIT) nature, but can be low impact. Brooke has taken elements or circuit, CrossFit, intervals, strength and cardio to bring you her unique & much loved style of training, to provide you fun, intense training sessions guaranteed to get you fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Am I fit enough?

You bet! These programs will challenge any level of fitness with many options and modifications throughout the whole program. If you need to dial it down a little bit you can simply reduce the number of reps and sets you complete and/or increase your rest periods. There is no time like the present!

What if I have special dietary requirements or preferences?

The Six Week STRIVE Program has both a traditional and vegetarian option available in the Shopping Cart. The STRIVE Program promotes nourishing whole foods with no extremes – you wont find any food group exclusions or fad diets here. In saying that, if you prefer to eat dairy, gluten or refined sugar free you're in luck! Many of the recipes are just that (ALL are refined sugar free), or provide good substitutes, with lots of great ideas floating around our online community.

Do I need to be in Australia to access the program?

No way Jose! the best news about the Six Week STRIVE Program is that it is accessible to ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the world!

How do I access the program?

If you're ready to get your hands on your very own STRIVE program head to the SHOPPING page to get started.

Once you have purchased your very own Six Week STRIVE Program you will be emailed your very own link where you will then have access to download your very own STRIVE eBook which contains all of the amazing content mentioned above, plus how to access the online community, exclusive discounts for STRIVE members and so much more! Be sure to save your eBook somewhere special though as this link will expire.

I have an injury, will I still be able to complete the program?

Whether it be back, knee, ankle or other, there are always modifications that can be made to cater for injuries. If you have bad knees the STRIVE program has plenty of low impact options suitable for just that. If you're unsure of a suitable modification to suit your injury please contact Brooke or reach out in the Online Community.

Is the STRIVE Program just for women?

Whilst the STRIVE program has been created with the female population in mind, it is by no means just for women! Brooke has had a number of men participate in her face-to-face STRIVE program and they always keep coming back for more. So there's no excuse for your hubby, partner or significant other to not get involved (especially in those buddy sessions) with you!

I'm a new or expecting Mum, is the STRIVE program suitable for me?

Firstly congratulations! There's no role quite like it! secondly, this question depends on a number of different factors such as how far pre or post natal you are, your birthing experience, recovery and so much more. The HOME program would be most suitable for previously active women that are wanting to maintain their fitness during pregnancy but this comes with a whole other set of guidelines that are best discussed on individual case-by-case basis. Keep your eyes peeled for Brooke's Happy, Healthy Pregnancy eBook Series to be released VERY soon & will be the perfect fit for you!

Have more burning questions that you want answered or are dying to know about the STRIVE program?




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Training, Nutrition, Mindset, Sleep, Life Changing.

The Balance Fitness and Nutrition STRIVE program is designed to offer a the service of personal training without the price tag, in a small group, motivating, fun environment that becomes one kick-ass community. The STRIVE program incorporates Brooke's four key elements of MOVEMENT, MOOD, NUTRITION and SLEEP and works with STRIVE members over the duration of the program to encompass these elements as a whole, striving for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

The STRIVE sessions are intimate, fun and will get you working hard! They are not your standard group fitness class with each STRIVE session designed to be high intensity and something different each session. There will always be a range of options offered to ensure it is challenging, safe and effective for each participant. The session structure will include a mix of HIIT, circuit, tabata and crossfit elements. As part of the program you will have access to one or two weekly group sessions with your fellow STRIVE program members, over a set timeframe i.e. 4, 6 or 8 week period.

Not only will you get the small face to face training sessions each week, you will also get access to an exclusive discount to on the online STRIVE programs.

The STRIVE program is perfect for those looking to:

  • Improve your overall health and mental wellbeing.

  • Increase your strength and fitness.

  • A new challenge.

  • Lose weight or tone up.

  • Mix up your training routine – forget the average group fitness class or gym workout.

  • Do something for yourself.

  • All with a suitably qualified and passionate health and fitness professional in an amazing training environment.


  • One or two small groups training sessions each week, every Monday and Wednesday morning.

  • Exclusive discount to the online STRIVE programs.

  • Introductory clients - Balance Fitness & Nutrition training towel or truckers hat.

  • Access to awesome training facility & fun, high-energy community - IMPACT.

  • Discount code for 10% off TRUE PROTEIN products.

  • Kid friendly environment if your little ones aren't school aged or in day care.

  • Recipe book, meal guide and training guidelines.

  • Measurements pre & post program (optional).

  • Access to an online community of other BFN clients and program members for additional support, networking and motivation with like-minded people and training buddies.

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The first program for 2019 is due to start FEBRUARY and spaces are strictly limited. Register your interest to be among the first to know when bookings go live to secure your spot!