Returning to Exercise & Nutrition for Post Natal Recovery - Happy, Healthy Pregnancy Series GUIDE 3

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Returning to Exercise & Nutrition for Post Natal Recovery - Happy, Healthy Pregnancy Series GUIDE 3


Now available for pre-sale at 15% off for one week only! Order today to receive the discounted price & receive your guide when they go live on the 3rd February!

This guide is perfect for the new or expecting Mama and is the one stop shop for everything you need to know about nutrition to promote your post natal recovery, to support lactation and safely returning to exercise post baby.

The post natal period is FOREVER & this guide caters to ALL Mums, regardless of whether your babe is 10 weeks, 10 months or 10+ years old!

Jam packed with over 130 pages of information and useful tools, including:

  • 30 training sessions appropriate for post natal women that can be done at home or the gym

  • Comprehensive exercise glossary complete with images, coaching cues, considerations and modifications

  • Suitable modifications to movements to help empower women to train safely

  • 30+ healthy, simple and delicious recipes to nourish both mum and bub

  • Example Daily Meal Plans, Shopping List

  • Energy requirements, macronutrients, micronutrients and breastfeeding

  • Milk supply, diet and lactogenic foods

  • Foods, beverages fussiness and gas

  • Promoting post birth recovery through nutrition

  • Postnatal exercise considerations including the postnatal pelvic floor & abdominals

  • Other key elements for a happy, healthy pregnancy including sleep, mindset and more!

  • Access to the Happy, Healthy Pregnancy online community

  • Access to exclusive discount codes to some of my favourite Mama and Bub friendly brands!

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The Happy, Healthy Pregnancy Guides have been designed to empower women to move safely and effectively, as well as nourish their bodies throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. They will enable you to safely return to exercise when you have the energy and provide you with the tools and information you need to optimally recover following your birth and to promote and support lactation.

 This series of Guides has been a labour of love and designed to empower women throughout their pregnancy and beyond to eat and move in a safe, enjoyable and effective way for this beautiful, challenging and exciting time in their life.

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