Welcome to Balance Fitness and Nutrition - I am so excited to be launching the BFN web page!

Here you will find delicious recipe ideas, fitness tips, lifestyle inspo, blogs on things I love (or don’t), and how to get in touch with me should you wish to get some help on achieving that balance. Be sure to check in regularly so you don't miss a thing! 

What does balance mean to you?

Balance - harmonious or satisfying arrangement or proportion of parts and elements.

Balance is something that we all strive for in life, whether it is the work/life, friends/family or save/spend balance. It is in a constant state of flux and needs to be actively worked on in order to maintain it.

Extreme - Of the greatest severity; drastic.

We have probably all undergone some form of extreme in our life, and sure it can be easy, but is it sustainable?

Why work hard day in, day out before an upcoming event or holiday, only for that event to pass or the holiday to arrive and all of your hard work goes out the window. You are then left feeling deflated (and maybe a little bloated), and like you need to start all over again.

I am a huge believer in finding nutritious foods and forms of physical activity that you enjoy. If you enjoy something, you are more likely to commit to it and in turn succeed and reach your goals. I believe whole, nutritious foods and daily physical activity are valuable tools that can be utilised to help keep our minds and bodies running at their optimum. Movement and food can be the best medicine and most of us don’t know how good our bodies are designed to feel.

Our overall health, quality of sleep and happiness are all heavily influenced by how we fuel our bodies. It is a constant cycle that can go two ways;

  • When you are tired, you make bad food choices and can’t be bothered exercising (or vice versa). Quality of sleep is then impacted due to the poor dietary choices and lack of physical activity. This cycle continues the next day you wake from a poor night’s sleep feeling tired, sluggish, irritated and sometimes depressed.
  • When you are physically active you are more likely to want to fuel your body with nutritious, plentiful food, which in turn improves our quality of sleep and mental well-being.

To be happy with others, we need to first be happy with ourselves, so put yourself first – wellness starts from within.

I hope that my website provides you with a source of inspiration to help you on your quest for balance.

 Enjoy! X

Thank you Pure Design Co for helping me make this happen.