I'm still trying to fit in some resistance training each week as I progress through my pregnancy.

I've always loved a good high intensity workout with minimal rest that would get my heart rate up. It doesn't take much to elevate my heart rate these days and I have had to scale back on the intensity, duration and exertion in my workouts. 

For my resistance sessions I have decreased the weight used, number of reps and sets and increased my rest periods. 

Being pregnant doesn't mean you have to give up resistance training, or any form of activity that you enjoy for that matter. There are many benefits to continue incorporating resistance training into your weekly routine, given that you have consistently undertaken this form of exercise prior to falling pregnant and have no contraindications. Regular activity during pregnancy is beneficial to both you and your baby, not just physically but for your mind and spirit also. 

Here is one that I did recently that uses some great compound movements that ensures a safe, relatively short and effective workout. I use a combination of my heart rate together with the rate of perceived exertion (RPE) to ensure I stay within a safe intensity level for my fitness level. 

3 sets of the following, rested at the end of each exercise for various periods to keep at an RPE of ~13:
12x Barbell deadlifts
10x kettle bell curl to push press
12x Barbell back squats

To increase the intensity of this workout up the weight, reps or sets. 

If you'd like a safe and effective exercise program whether pre or post natal and wanting to get in some workouts whether in the comfort of your home or the gym get in touch with me brooke@balancefitnessandnutrition.com.au

I'm loving my DS Flex - Women's Active wear that keeps me comfortable as my body continues to change.

I encourage you to keep physically active throughout your own pregnancy and make time for you. Movement does great things for our mental and physical health, so keep moving, keep positive and always listen to your body.

Brooke x 

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