I didn’t realize how much I rely on nuts as a food source for my family until I had to start packing ‘nut free’ lunches for my little man.



So often I chuck in a handful of nuts, a scoop of peanut butter to go with some raw veg or use nuts in homemade treats, it’s almost always the first food I reach for when looking to bump up Byron’s fats for the day.


With packing lunchboxes you’re faced with finding the balance between wanting to fuel your kid with nourishing foods whilst also wanting them to each what you pack! I knew I had to do a take on our staple bliss ball / raw choc slice which is ALWAYS in our freezer. So I got experimenting, and here’s the end result. Hassle free, mess free, NUT FREE, bliss balls or raw choc slice.


All you need is 5-6 ingredients and a high powered blender:


  • 12 pitted dates.

  • 1/2 cup melted coconut oil.

  • 1/2 cup flax meal or flaxseed (will need to blitz).

  • 1/3 cup sunflower seeds.

  • 2 tbsp True Protein cacao powder

  • 1 scoop True vegan vanilla protein powder.



  • Pit dates.

  • Blitz sunflower seeds (and flaxseeds) until finely ground.

  • Add all ingredients your food processor and blitz on a high speed until well combined and the mixture holds together when compressed.

  • Be sure to melt your coconut oil before adding to the mix. If your mix doesn’t hold together simply add small amounts of coconut oil until it does. Similarly add more flax meal to dry it out if you over do the oil.

  • Press the mixture into a lined tray and then into the freezer to set. Slice into desired serving sizes and keep in the fridge or freezer until your ready to enjoy. 


My little man hasn’t even noticed the difference and it’s not safe from me either! I hope it’s a hit in your household too!

I’d love to see your family trying this recipe, be sure to tag me or send me your photos of you and your little ones enjoying this!

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Brooke x