When you become a Mum, be it for the very first or third time it can be so daunting trying to figure out what you do and don't need. I’ve always been a ‘less is more’ kind of gal and I wanted to share with you some of my must-have products, tried and tested by yours truly, that help your little babe fit into your active lifestyle.

Our family is forever spending time in the great outdoors be it boating, hiking trails, by the beach or just out for a leisurely stroll. We also travel a lot and our little caravan getaways are some of my most favourite memories. Here are just a few products that I have used throughout my pregnancies and motherhood journey. If you love keeping active and outdoors, then I’m sure you will love them too!

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I could not be without this, especially the second time around because boy do I need my hands free with a toddler! If you are sitting on the fence about getting one or not, let this be your firm shove to do it! I have the Mountain Buggy Juno carrier in charcoal and love it! Not only is Bronte super supported, it also serves as an adult size bib when I’m eating. This carrier is so comfortable and without the bulk of many carriers. Babes can be carried facing forward, backward, on your hip and on your back. It also comes with the infant insert which means you can use the carrier with your babe right from the get go. I’ve always used the more structured carriers and have a personal preference for these over the wraps. So ladies, add this to your list!

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You might be thinking, ‘where do I start?’ when it comes to prams. Let this help guide your decision.

If you need your pram to check the following boxes, then I have just the recommendation for you!

  • Be usable from newborn to toddler

  • Capsule adaptable

  • Suitable for running

  • Lightweight, can be folded and lifted with one hand

  • And of course be comfortable, stylish and durable.

Look no further than the Mountain Buggy Terrain Pram. This pram comes with both 12” and 16” wheels, which basically means there is the on road and then the next level off-road tyres - perfect for those bush and beach walks. This pram is comfortable and large enough for my not-so-little toddler, yet also perfect for my little babe.

One of the best features of this pram - the attachable Freerider! I actually had a double pram prior to having Bronte, but when she came along it just wasn't practical. It also felt like I was pushing a small car so it had to go and I needed something more suitable and lifestyle friendly. The Terrain pram with the Freerider is perfect. Byron can cruise on the back of the pram with the scooter attachment yet unhook and cruise on his own when he wants to, whilst Bronte can ride up front in the pram. It even has light-up wheels, which are a big hit on those early morning and evening walks. And hey, if you don't have the MB pram but want the Freerider, the attachment is compatible with a wide range of other brand prams. The amount of comments I get when we use these together, I swear everyone wishes they were the toddler on the back on his scooter. I highly recommend!

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Nappy bags are such a statement piece these days. First time around I wanted the fancy handbag, but soon realised that it just wasn't practical for my lifestyle. Second time around I am loving a backpack from Puggle Baby that is perfect for our pool, park and beach dates. The best thing about this bag is that A) it doesn’t look like a nappy bag, but B) it’s not just for Mum’s (and let’s face it, we do enough heavy lifting anyway), but Dad’s can totally rock these unisex back packs. Tiff and Nath - the masterminds behind this small family owned & operated business have hit the mark with their back packs.

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If you know me then you know that if I’m not rocking a tee and my One Teaspoons then you will find me in my active wear! Why? Well, not only if you wear it does it mean you might be more likely to fit that workout in, it is also ridiculously comfy and is so accommodating for your growing bump or post natal bod.

Two brands that I wore throughout both of my pregnancies and beyond are Cadenshae and Active Truth.

Cadenshae - make THE BEST feeding bras that are a maternity and sport bra in one. Nikki, the founder has four gorgeous kids of her own and is the face behind the brand who truly understands what the new/expecting Mama needs! Supportive, stylish and built to fit almost every sized bust. I also love the tanks and wear these whether I’m pregnant, breastfeeding or none of the above. My favourite, most-worn items are the Fit2Feed bra, the Everyday bra and the nursing tanks (but they also have tights, hoodies & tees!). LOVE! You can get 10% off the complete range by using the code BFNCS10 at checkout.

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Active Truth - I lived in these tights right throughout my second pregnancy and post natal journey. There are a lot of maternity tights on the market and it pays to invest in a decent pair - these ones are well worth every dollar and made from premium compression fabric. The best thing about this brand is that it is size inclusive, Nadia and Stevie have designed stunning activewear to suit all shapes and sizes - maternity or not. My top picks are the grey leopard and full length pregnancy tights.

Get $20 off your order by using the code BROOKEVIP at checkout.

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