We are super excited to be welcoming our first little (human) baby into the world in 2016! 



So far my pregnancy has been fantastic and after hearing some pretty terrible stories from friends of morning sickness that lasts all day and well into the second trimester I am considering myself very lucky! I was fortunate enough to bypass any morning sickness, with maybe a week or two where I felt a little queasy and had a loss of appetite, however I'm still waiting for that 'pregnancy glow' to kick in. We kept our pregnancy between close family and friends for some time which has been really nice and let it become a healthy rumour on its own.

Body image

 Whether it is real or perceived I definitely felt the pressure to look a certain way, particularly being a fitness professional and having competed in fitness competitions previously.. As females we always put pressure and can be hard on ourselves (not nice I know!); what we see in the mirror is completely different to how others view us. During the first trimester I did struggle with this having not started showing until reaching my second trimester and dealing with the dreaded early bloat. I am now embracing the changes that my body is going through, have pushed all negativity aside, deleted a few social media accounts that I was following and focusing on positive self-talk (and love). I am excited to see how my body changes over the coming months and have accepted that things are going to continue to expand and get a little softer (you know it’s getting real when you need to pack away your favourite pair of denim shorts). I am not going to use pregnancy as an excuse to stop regular exercise or activity. What is important to me is that I maintain my fitness and strength to help me throughout my pregnancy and labour and for my physiological and mental health.


I am still exercising regularly and have decreased the level of intensity and impact at which I train. Physical activity is one of the most enjoyable parts of my day and a great outlet for me. The early morning exercise is getting harder and harder and my intensity has definitely dialled down, something that was hard for me to accept at first having always loved a good sweat sesh where I could send my heart rate through the roof. My weekly workouts now generally comprise of a mix of resistance training, yoga and cardio (walking or swimming). I will also continue to instruct my Body Attack classes taking the low impact options. Some people ask how long I will keep instructing for; the answer is until I no longer feel that I safely, comfortably and effectively can. 

What’s to come?

In case you’re wondering where all the future pregnancy posts will come from (yes I have a few planned which will hopefully benefit you on your own journey), I am qualified in both pre and post natal exercise prescription and nutrition, with a number of expecting Mum’s as clients. I have held off from blogging too much on this topic through my own personal beliefs that any exercise or nutrition advice I give to my clients I want to experience it for myself. And now that I am, I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you! For me, pregnancy has been a fantastic journey so far and I will continue to promote an active and healthy pregnancy for all those expecting mums out there. I will be sharing my own journey as well as some great exercises, recipes and tips for keeping physically and mentally healthy both pre and post natal.

Thank you for all of your congratulatory wishes; we are so excited for this next chapter!

* The image is the card we made to tell our parents our exciting news x