Is there a right and wrong way to be fit and healthy?

One thing you learn when you are starting a new diet or working towards a fitness goal is that everyone has an opinion; do eat this, don't eat that, do more cardio, do less cardio, exercise in the morning, exercise at night, lift weights, don't lift weights they'll make you bulky... you get the idea. Not very helpful in keeping self doubt at bay and focusing on your goals at times when you need to be.

So is there a right and wrong way to exercise?

Everyone's values, opinions and interests differ...

Each coach uses different methods...

Each individual has different goals...

It is so common to see various ways forms of fitness getting knocked by others. Whether you love cross fit, running on the treadmill, zumba, playing a team sport, weight training, group fitness classes, surfing, hiking, cycling - whatever it is; being healthy and fit is about being able to incorporate physical activity into everyday life. If you don't enjoy particular forms of exercise, chances are you are not going to be very consistent and stick to it, so it is best to find ways to keep physically active in a way that you enjoy.

Then it comes to nutrition; paleo, IIFYM, clean eating, high protein low carb, keto - whatever you choose, eat the foods that you enjoy to fuel your body. Everything in moderations and eat the colours of the rainbow to get a good spread of micronutrients too. Food is fuel, so eat for purpose not pleasure. It's all about being fitter for life, so your diet is enjoyable, beneficial and sustainable.

Prospective clients looking for coaches: Find a coach that has the same values as you to help you along the way; if you are a busy Mum, follow other busy Mum's social media or fitness plans, not the professional fitness model that may have more time to dedicate to their workouts than you. Besure to check any prospective coaches experience and qualifications. The fitness (and more so nutrition) industry is not a highly regulated one - i.e. someone may be claiming they are a nutritionist after completing a short course online verses someone that is tertiary qualified.

As human beings we are great at identifying our own faults and flaws. We don't generally need other people to point these out for us. No matter what path we are each taking in working towards a healthier, fitter, stronger, happier life - let's uplift and support one another on our individual journeys. Because it doesn't get easier, we get stronger. Whatever way you choose to be fit and healthy - make sure you enjoy it!

Who's with me? x