The festive season is well and truly upon us! For those with kids, school is almost out and for many of us the Christmas holidays mean time away from home and your usual routine, visiting family and friends. 

Whether you are travelling away for the silly season, or a seasoned travelled for work, there is no need to fall out of routine just be used you are away from home. 


Yep, I'm saying that you can still keep up your healthy habits while away, but also enjoy catching up with friends or family. 

Here are my top tips for keeping on track when you next have to travel for work or pleasure:

  • Accommodation: if possible book or request a self contained apartment. This way you have all the facilities you need to cook your own healthy dinners, or skip out in the continental or cooked breakfast and keep it simple with your regular cereal, toast or eggs. Go shopping when you get in and keep it minimal but healthy: basic salad stuff, some meat for a good source of protein,  some grains and dairy. 
  • Pack your diet essentials. For me this includes my Maxine's burn protein powder, Max's glutamine, chia seeds and flax meal. Pack a small run of each to get you through your time away. Don't forget any multi vitamins or fish oil if you take these regularly too. 
  • Get outdoors: generally traveling for work means sitting inside all day in meetings or training. Get up early and get outdoors to go for a walk  or run and explore the area. The same goes for the afternoon (or if you're not a morning person). 
  • Look up fitness classes nearby: if you prefer to exercise in a group, get online and have a look at where the nearest group fitness classes are, whether it be Les Mills, F45 or a nearby yoga class. 
  • Travelling to the city often means time to catch up with friends or family (yay!), tee up a big walk around a picturesque location prior to going out for a few wines or dinner. 
  • When loading your plate up on Christmas Day (or in general), look at your food as protein, fats and carbs & have a balanced selection of each macro nutrient on your plate
  • Limit alcohol if possible, and completely avoid pre mixed drinks. Opt for spirits mixed with soda water or light wine or beer. To help metabolize any alcohol consumed, kick start the next day with a short HIIT session. It may be the last thing you feel like doing, but one of the best things you could do to eliminate the toxins. 
  • Drink plenty of water, prioritize sleep and don't forget to pack your exercise gear!

Make sure you look after yourself and your health this festive season. Try your best not to use it as an excuse to eat everything insight and avoid exercise.  Why wait until the new year to practice healthy habits?

I look forward to sharing some exciting things with you all in 2016.  Happy Christmas all! X