My little yoga journey and continual quest to find balance

As my business name suggests, Extremes are Easy. Strive for Balance; I am continually on my own journey attempting to find balance. I am guilty of throwing myself into every aspect; training, work (both my full time role and part time role as Director of BFN…which is a full time passion), social life and so on. We are all guilty of this and eventually we realise that as much as we want to, we just cannot do it all.

Our body tells us things for a reason and we can get pretty good at ignoring the signals it is giving us; that niggling injury, those bags under the eyes, or that tired feeling when you are running on empty.  We need to understand how much movement our bodies and minds need to benefit in order to keep our hormones and inner health happy.

Over the last 12 months I have begun to incorporate yoga and into my weekly routine. Why? I recognised that I needed to add more recovery time and some lower impact activity into my regime. I needed to take some time to lengthen my muscles that get tighter and tighter from my regular resistance training and sitting down for a good part of the day. I also love the way it settles my mind and encourages me to breathe more whilst still challenging my body.

Since I made the promise to myself to incorporate regular yoga and stretching into my routine, there were plenty of times (…okay, and still are), that I would opt to go for a run or hit the gym over doing yoga in my lounge room. Why? I love working up a good sweat, getting my heart rate up and feeling that lactic acid. So whilst activities such a yoga and pilates were enjoyable, I didn’t always feel (both psychotically and physically) that I would burn as many calories or work as hard.

I recently saw that a new Yoga Studio had opened in Karratha; Walkabout Yoga owned and operated by little Lisa George. I excitedly signed up to take part in her Level 1 Yoga workshop that runs over a three week period. 

What did I want to get out of it?

  • Increase both my strength and flexibility
  • Improve my posture and work on my tight hips
  • Improve my technique (I have always been interested in doing the Teacher Training myself so thought this would help me figure decide this)
  • Find my breath – to assist with relaxation and decreasing stress

It is always a little daunting trying something new for the first time; going to the gym, attending a group fitness class or starting a team sport. You sometimes think ‘what if I suck, what do I wear and what if I don’t like it?’ Attending my first yoga workshop was no different!

Lisa is little but wow is she mighty! Straight away she made everyone feel at ease, shared a bit about herself and we were into it. What makes Walkabout Yoga so special is that she is no green smoothie loving vegan (and not that there is anything wrong with that). She loves her practice but won’t push it onto anyone else. She is completely real and very inspiring and accommodating to all levels, shapes and sizes. I didn’t want the first session to end, leaving it thinking to myself ‘I’m going to LOVE this!’ – and I did, now completing the Level 2 workshops so that I can go onto her Experienced classes.

Lisa spoke about how it is important that we take what we have learned in class and apply it to our life off the mat. How we handle ourselves on the mat is a reflection of life; on the mat we are faced with challenges and fears or we may fall or even hold ourselves back. If we do fall (on the mat), we get back up, take a deep breath and try again. If we face challenges in a pose, we continue to practice to continually improve. It is important to recognise that life is very similar and that if we do face difficulties, stresses or hurdles, to continue to progress we must be determined and tackle these issues, take a deep breath or simply get back up.

I have now accepted that;

  1. Yoga is as equally challenging for the body as a resistance or cardio workout. I love that I can nail chaturanga thanks to my strength that I have built through my other workouts, and know that my hips are going to be my biggest challenge.
  2. I feel that it is doing wonders for my mental and physical wellbeing. I got out of it what I had hoped for and look forward to continuing on this little journey.

If you are looking for a yoga class – Lisa’s are the ones for you. She is successful and has a fantastic little business going on, but completely humble.There is not a class where you aren’t in a fit of giggles at some stage, sweating up a storm and leaving feeling a little knackered, but proud of what you have just achieved. 

I have always loved being physically active because of the way it makes me feel, over the way I want to look. Exercise is one of the best therapies and medications there is. You don’t need to go jumping around like an energiser bunny every session to get results and benefit your mind and body.

Life is all about Balance and it takes regular adjustment to find/keep this. Make sure you listen to the signals your body is giving you and be sure to find time for you - your physical and mental state and hormones and inner health will love you for it!


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